Find your county in the republic of Texas

Click here to download a cross reference to locate yourself in the republic of Texas. this document should help understand where you live if you do live in the republic of Texas.

House of Representatives Elections 2014 (Ninteenth Congress)

September 1st, 2014 For ballot and election information see our 2014 voter page Seated Counties: Bexar two Reps, Brazoria two Reps, Harris one Rep, Gillespie one Rep, Washington one Rep. Remaining 30 county Representatives Vacant and up for elections.

Organic Declaration of Rights for the people of Texas a Republic

The following are the Organic Declaration of Rights for the people of Texas a Republic never to be amended or changed. They may be added to only with the approval of the Texian people of Texas. 1836 DECLARATION OF RIGHTS This declaration of rights is declared to be a part of this constitution, and shall [Read More]

What If: Episode 10

They all met in the back room of an old tavern in the hill country. Casual clothes and neighborly attitudes gave no hint of the importance of this gathering nor the impact it would have. For a while it was get-acquainted time as they began to sense that Texian spirit they shared. When the feeling [Read More]

What If: Episode 9

“We need to be ready to receive dignitaries from other nations, and have emissaries ready to visit their nation,” Don texted. “So let’s make lists of mature folks who present themselves well and have time to travel. We can get them studying the protocols and letters of credence so they’ll be ready when the opportunity [Read More]

What If: Episode 8

“Hey Team, you may not believe this, but when I ask Texas sheriffs to rise to their lawful position of top peace officer in their County, they get excited about it! Then when I explain they have to get elected to their office, they smile and say, ‘Our people know me better than they know [Read More]

What If: Episode 7

“Well if we want Texas to be self-governing, a sovereign nation again, how can we get most of the 26 million folks in Texas now, to go along with that?” Don queried. “Seems to me, that fear will be the greatest problem when an economic collapse occurs,” Chuck observed. “So how can we head off [Read More]

What If: Episode 6

Ben glanced at his alarm clock and jumped out of bed. His idea from last night was pushing him to get it going. Insights and connections flooded his mind as he sat down to write: What was the first major step taken by the leaders of the 13 Colonies in early America? What initiatives had [Read More]

What If: Episode 5

As Ben returned with his iced tea, he saw his friends writing on papers. Curious, he looked over their shoulders and … they were making lists. “Now y’all have made me curious. Do you mind telling me what your lists are?” Don explained: “Well, we got to talking about how many things need to be [Read More]

What If: Episode 4

A couple days later, Don invited the friends over for supper. “As some may have noticed, I’m not usually the first to grab hold of a new idea, even if it started in Texas. However, I’ve had some time to ponder what Ben was sayin’ to us, and I want to hear what else he [Read More]