What If: Episode 9

“We need to be ready to receive dignitaries from other nations, and have emissaries ready to visit their nation,” Don texted. “So let’s make lists of mature folks who present themselves well and have time to travel. We can get them studying the protocols and letters of credence so they’ll be ready when the opportunity [Read More]

What If: Episode 8

“Hey Team, you may not believe this, but when I ask Texas sheriffs to rise to their lawful position of top peace officer in their County, they get excited about it! Then when I explain they have to get elected to their office, they smile and say, ‘Our people know me better than they know [Read More]

What If: Episode 7

“Well if we want Texas to be self-governing, a sovereign nation again, how can we get most of the 26 million folks in Texas now, to go along with that?” Don queried. “Seems to me, that fear will be the greatest problem when an economic collapse occurs,” Chuck observed. “So how can we head off [Read More]

What If: Episode 6

Ben glanced at his alarm clock and jumped out of bed. His idea from last night was pushing him to get it going. Insights and connections flooded his mind as he sat down to write: What was the first major step taken by the leaders of the 13 Colonies in early America? What initiatives had [Read More]

What If: Episode 5

As Ben returned with his iced tea, he saw his friends writing on papers. Curious, he looked over their shoulders and … they were making lists. “Now y’all have made me curious. Do you mind telling me what your lists are?” Don explained: “Well, we got to talking about how many things need to be [Read More]

What If: Episode 4

A couple days later, Don invited the friends over for supper. “As some may have noticed, I’m not usually the first to grab hold of a new idea, even if it started in Texas. However, I’ve had some time to ponder what Ben was sayin’ to us, and I want to hear what else he [Read More]

What If: Episode 3

“Well Ben, I’ve been thinking about all this while you talked, and I got to wondering how many people in Texas right now, might prefer to ‘go it alone’ without Uncle Sam and all his hand-outs (with strings attached)? You said Annexation was not very popular, even in the beginning.” “Sally, you amaze me,” Ben [Read More]

What If: Episode 2

“Ben, you may be on to something here that could make a huge difference. Is it, perchance, the world-wide-web that you are using as a resource? It can’t be regulated by a government, modified by censors, or biased by big-time editors or publishers. It is really by the people — All the people. I’m getting [Read More]

What If: Episode 1

Ben leaned back in his chair and watched his friends around the table, as they reminisced about the times they had shared and the tough times that working folks were going through now. At a lull in the animated conversation, he leaned forward and said, “What if … what if it was NOT impossible for [Read More]

First Inaugural Speech of President John Jarnecke

Friends and fellow Texians, I have been elected to undertake the duties of President of this great nation, Texas. I am astutely conscious of the fact that the task is above my talents, and that I approach it with sincere anxiousness due to the greatness of the charge, and the weakness of my power. Texas [Read More]